Old Station Auction



An open house is scheduled for Saturday (July 14) from 9:00 a.m. till 12 noon at the fire station, 2166 Meadow View Road, Manheim. The items on display at the open house include lots of dishes, serving pieces, coffee pots, basic kitchen equipment, ovens, stainless steel counters and sinks, AND MUCH MORE. (Even some of the folding tables are for sale).

Whether it’s for your home, a business, your camper, supplying a college kid with the basics, or picking up a few items for your church kitchen, there are plenty of things that will be for sale. The open house will give you a chance to preview the items so you can plan for the auction.

In addition to the dishware as shown:

10 burner gas range (Vulcan)
4 drawer gas pizza oven
Hobart commercial mixer
Jackson commercial dishwasher
Electrolux 6.5 gallon pasta cooker

The Public Auction of these items will be Saturday, July 21, beginning at 10:00. The old fire station building will be sold along with the other items the fire company will not have a use for.

These are just some of the items for sale.