New Station Update

It has been quite a few busy weeks since our latest post on the status of our new building, and progress is certainly being made. As of today, both sections of the roof are felted in and being prepped for the metal roofing to be installed. The concrete for all areas except the aparatus bays have been poured, and the apparatus bays are being prepped. Between Paul Risk’s builders and the other contactors, plumbing, HVAC and electrical have been making great progress.

Insulation for the exterior of the building is underway, and members of the fire department are still dilligently volunteering their time to ensure the earthwork is continually worked on. In just over a month since our last post the transformation is starting to become more visual, and it is refreshing to see the hard work of so many begin to pay dividends. As always, thank you for your continuing support and be sure to check back to keep up with our building progress!

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