Soup & Sub Sale

October 19, 2019    10am-2pm


You can pre-order for both soup and subs or arrive the morning of and buy them. We will have extra, but limited subs/sandwiches available for those who don’t pre-order. 

See your local firefighters to pre-order or send an email to to place your order.


Subs and pretzel sandwiches are from R&K 


Pretzel Sandwiches-$5 

R&K subs form, PDF.


Our own homemade Chicken Corn Soup(served cold)

$6 per quart

You can bring your own container or we will have styrofoam quart containers.
Soup Form, PDF.


Pig Roast & Bake Sale

November 9, 2019    3 pm – until sold out

Thank you for your continued support.