Current Status of Our New Building Project

As building progress has continued over the past few months, progress in continuing to be consistent and thorough. As the photograph above indicates, the construction of our new fire station has begun to involve setting trusses and the support measures for the roof of the building. This is an exciting time for all of us here at Mastersonville Volunteer Fire Company because we are finally seeing countless man-hours and years of planning coming to fruition. The most commen statement as of late is, “It finally looks like a builidng!”, and to see the process unfold is not only exciting, but sentimental to our members and members of our community.

Although seeing the trusses being set is an extraordinary thing to see, work in all other aspects of the construction has continued with tremendous progress, as well. At this moment, the masons are nearly done laying all of the interior block to create the rooms which will be located in our engine bay. Concrete has been poured in the office-area of the building and the first steps to completing the exterior walls has begun. The electrical and plumbing contractors have been installing their respective job responsibilites, as well.

Although this is an exciting time for members of our fire department, we also believe this to be an exciting time for the community members, as well. At this point, the construction is going as planned and we are content with the progress that is being done. Members of our fire deparment have committed their own personal time on the weekends to doing eathwork in an attempt to subsidize the cost of this project and the overall progress at this point , has been nothing short of astounding. Although we have spent many, many hours on this project we cannot discount the support from our community. We have receieved unwaivering support from our community and none of this would be possible without it. At the end of the day, our membership is made up of members of the community, therefore our fire department IS the community.

We will continue to post updates as progress continues on the future site of Mastersonville Volunteer Fire Department. Please check back from time to time to get the latest up-to-date progress on the building’s construction and also visit our Gallery page to see photos of the construction.

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