Engine 27-1

Engine 27-1 is a 1999 Pierce Dash with an 8-man cab. It carries 1,000 gallons of water and has a 1,500gpm pump. Engine 1 is first out on most structure fires and vehicle accidents. We carry 4 pre-connected cross-lays, 2-200′ sections of 1¾” hose and 2-200′ sections of 2″ hose, along with 1,200′ of 5″ hose and 500′ of 3″ hose. We also carry a variety of hand tools, chainsaw, and a ventilation fan. Engine 27-1 is outfitted with equipment to handle vehicle accidents including, cribbing, crash kits, and stay-dry. We also carry a medical bag, O2, and AED.

Engine 27-2

Engine 27-2 is a 1995 E-One Topkick 4×4 with a 3-man cab. It carries 500 gallons of water and also has a 1,250gpm pump. It carries 2-200′ sections of 1 ½” hose pre-connected and 1,400′ of 5″ hose. Engine 27-2 is first out on all brush fires and is often utilized as a water supply engine. We carry forestry equipment including brush rakes, chainsaw, and 2-200′ sections of forestry hose stored in side running board compartments. We also carry a 35′ extension ladder, a 12′ roof ladder, and a 10′ attic ladder, along with 3 SCBAs.

Tanker 27

The Tanker is a 2005 American LaFrance pumper tanker with a 6-man cab. Due to limited manpower during the day, Tanker 27 responds out first in our first due area for structure fires. It carries 3000 gallons of water and has a 1,500gpm pump. It also has a 3,500 gallon port-a-tank. It has 4 pre-connected hoses, 2-200′ 1 3/4″ and 2-200′ 2″ sections of hose, 500′ of 5″ hose, and 300′ of 3″ hose. It also carries 12, 5-gallon pails of class B foam. The tanker is equipped with a cutters-edge saw and a K-12 rotary saw. It is also equipped with a variety of hand tools, large area search rope, medical bag, O2, AED, and 5 SCBAs.

Squad 27

The Squad is a 2009 Ford F550 with a Summit 11-foot box. Squad 27 carries an Amkus hydraulic rescue system including a spreader and cutter, which are used at vehicle accidents and in other rescue situations. We carry cribbing, a crash kit, and a variety of other tools used at vehicle accidents. It is outfitted with Haz-Mat spill control equipment, spare air cylinders, vehicle stabilization struts, and an assortment of hand tools. Squad 27 also has a 3,000 watt light tower, medical equipment, backboards, and AED.

QRS 27

QRS 27 is a 2011 Ford Expedition that was purchased with community donations and grant monies. A QRS unit (Quick Response Service) is dispatched in conjunction with the local ambulance to provide emergency medical care until the arrival of the ambulance. The QRS unit responds with at least one EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) on board the unit who meets the same training and certification standards as the local ambulance. Our QRS meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for certification by the PA Dept. of Health, including the supervision of a medical director (physician). Our unit carries supplies to handle both medical and trauma emergencies, as well as pediatric and cardiac emergencies, including an AED and oxygen devices to flow various concentrations of oxygen.

Officer Command Vehicle

Our duty vehicle is a key asset to the safety of firefighters, as well as proper command of the fire scene to ensure the safest and quickest solution to any emergency incident. The unit currently used as a command vehicle at Mastersonville Fire Company is a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. Equipped with scene lighting and mobile radios for communication, it allows the commanding officer on a scene to provide proper management of the emergency situation.

The unit is equipped with a mobile radio for communication from the front seat, along with hand-held radios for communication away from the duty vehicle. It also includes an extra SCBA unit in addition to a whiteboard for accountability of firefighters and other apparatus on the scene. With this unit and the equipment it includes, the commanding officer on scene is able to establish a command area which can minimize risk to firefighters and see the incident to completion as quickly and as effectively as possible.